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Congratulations to Our 2022 Yes I Can Winners!

Jordon Hulett

Jordon Hulett: Self-Advocacy

Jordon Hulett of Lexington is a 9th grade student at Jessie Clark Middle School. Jordon works very hard to access his educational environment and works towards independence. This year Jordon set a goal for himself to increase his participation in his physical education class. Since setting this personal goal and through his self-monitoring, Jordon has increased his participation significantly. In other academic areas, Jordon advocates for himself through the independent use of assistive technology devices to access the curriculum. KYCEC is proud of Jordon’s determination and the work he does to advocate for himself and to access the educational environment. 


Lex Marcum

Lex Marcum: Technology

Lex Marcum of Albany is an 11th grade student at Clinton County High School. Upon entering high school, Lex enrolled in two business classes at the vocational school. Lex was encouraged to join the Future Business Leaders of America and compete in competitions at the regional level. In preparation for the competition Lex independently studied cybersecurity. Recently in the regional competition, Lex placed 3rd in the written exam for cybersecurity and qualified for the state tournament. Lex’s involvement in FBLA has increased not only his knowledge in the area of technology but has increased his social interactions. KYCEC is proud of Lex’s hard work in the area of technology and his accomplishments in the Future Business Leaders of America.


Lorielys Berrios-Castillo

Lorielys Berrios-Castillo: Academics

Lorielys Berrios-Castillo of Radcliff is a 9th grade student at North Hardin High School. Lorielys moved to Kentucky from Puerto Rico in 2017 only knowing Spanish. Through NTI, Lorielys made her education top priority and worked hard to better herself and increase her content knowledge, and understanding of the English language. According to district-wide assessments, Lorielys more than quadrupled the average growth of same-age peers. Lorielys requested to participate in extra school services and worked long hours on her school work. In a class essay, Lorielys wrote “When something is difficult I try my best. I learned I always want to do better than the goals my teachers set for me.  I’m going to prove to myself I will succeed”. KYCEC is proud of Lorielys’ drive to achieve and overcome in all she does.


Maylee Judd

Maylee Judd: School & Community Activities

Maylee Judd of Greensburg is a 9th grade student at Green County High School. Maylee is a student gifted in the areas of math and ELA. After going through the process of being fitted for hearing aids, Maylee counseled her teacher through the experience as she was also going through the process. As a middle school student, Maylee was determined to ensure Green County Schools was an inclusive environment by starting an ASL club in her school. Growing to over 30 members, the club thrives as a way to increase communication. On a trip to the state capitol, Maylee requested to meet Virginia Moore, Executive Director of the Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Governor Beshears ASL interpreter. Maylee was able to meet her because of her self-advocacy. KYCEC is proud of Maylee and her work to create an inclusive environment and educate her peers.


Bobby Kidd

Bobby Kidd: Arts

Bobby Kidd of Horse Cave is a 6th grade student at North Jackson Elementary. Bobby is an incredibly imaginative and creative student who uses art to communicate his knowledge and with his peers. Bobby is twice exceptional being gifted in the area of performing arts ability. Bobby uses a variety of media to create his pieces and is generally able to create his pieces. Bobby uses his art to make others feel welcome, going as far as creating an oxygen mask to make his friend who receives breathing treatments feel more comfortable. Bobby expresses his knowledge of classroom content through art - creating books and drawings to display his understanding. KYCEC is proud of Bobby’s masterpieces and his way to use art to communicate with peers and teachers.

Posted:  4 October, 2022

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